Loctite® Technology for Gearbox Repair Solutions

Industrial gearboxes play an important role in processing and manufacturing facilities. Performance must be tailored to an endless diversity of demands, and reliable operation over a long service life with minimum maintenance is a key requirement. For plant professionals, the ultimate goal is to maximise machinery output, reliability and efficiency.

A gearbox failure can be a costly setback to overall plant operations. For example, leakages between the upper and lower housing of a split gearbox may be caused by fasteners working loose when subjected to torque, thermal expansion and shock loads. Proactive maintenance will minimise expensive downtime, enhance reliability and dramatically cut costs.

Gears and gearboxes are generally robust and reliable devices. However, problems do occur, and need to be corrected in a competent manner.

This is precisely where Henkel's new Loctite® Training Program for Gearbox Repair Solutions comes in. The Training Program helps plant professionals to select and use the right adhesive products. Trainings will be conducted at the customer’s premises.

All participants receive a gearbox maintenance and repair manual with helpful step-by-step instructions for the correct application of  Loctite® products.  This manual has been developed in close cooperation with leading gearbox manufacturers and institutes.  The Loctite® Training Program shows plant professionals how to use Loctite® products for easy and effective maintenance and repair of industrial gearboxes.



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