Loctite® Technology for Pump Repair Solutions

Most industrial centrifugal pumps carry a significant capital equipment value, and it is therefore important to extend their useful lives and ensure that they run efficiently and reliably. Proactive maintenance can reduce the risk of breakdowns and increase pump reliability and longevity.

Many pump breakdowns are the result of simple, needless failures, such as the loss of clamp load between two assemblies caused by a loose fastener. This loss of clamp load could lead to misalignment and ultimately cause bearing failure. Appropriate proactive maintenance can significantly reduce the risk of such failures.

Repairs are a critical concern in any maintenance program. Because of the harsh environments and operating parameters, pump parts are subject to wear, erosion, corrosion, leaks, etc. This is precisely where Henkel's new Loctite® Training Program for Pump Repair Solutions comes in.

The Training Program helps plant professionals to select and use the right adhesive products.  Trainings will be conducted at the customer’s premises.

All participants receive a pump maintenance and repair manual with helpful step-by-step instructions for the correct application of  Loctite® products. This manual has been developed in close cooperation with leading pump manufacturers.The Loctite® Training Program shows plant professionals how to use Loctite® products for easy and effective maintenance and repair of pump assemblies.



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