Loctite® Technology for Shaft Repair Solutions

Most shaft assemblies are incorporated into systems carrying a significant capital equipment value. It is therefore vital to maximise their useful lives and ensure reliable performance. Proactive maintenance can minimise expensive downtime, enhance reliability and dramatically cut costs.

Failure of a shaft assembly,  for example due to a spun bearing, may result in production downtime. A possible cause for such a failure may be loose components due to out of tolerance machining; this leads to micro-movement and wear. Appropriate proactive maintenance can significantly reduce the risk of such failures.

Repairs are a critical concern in any maintenance program. Harsh environments and operating parameters may result in wear, erosion, corrosion, leaks, etc. This is precisely where Henkel's new Loctite® Training Program for Shaft Repair Solutions comes in.

The Training Program helps plant professionals to select and use the right adhesive products. Trainings will be conducted at the customer’s premises.

All participants receive a maintenance and repair manual for shaft assemblies, with helpful step-by-step instructions for the correct application of  Loctite® products.  This manual has been developed in close cooperation with leading shaft and pump manufacturers. The Loctite® Training Program shows plant professionals how to use Loctite® products for easy and effective maintenance and repair of shaft assemblies.



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